My Life List

As a follower of the “No Opportunity Wasted” life philosophy of The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, I have worked to see and experience as much as the world has to offer. As such, I have a list of 80 things I want to accomplish before I die. My list is below, with accomplished tasks crossed out.

1.  Travel to over thirty countries
2.  Play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” across an international border
3.  Travel the length of Canada by train
4.  See the Midnight Sun
5.  See the Northern Lights
6.  Visit and Dogsled in the Arctic Circle
7.  Visit every state in the USA
8.  Camp overnight in the Norwegian Fjords
9.  Stand on Kjeragbolten
10. Take a girl out to eat in another country, and return within the same day
11. Drive Route 66
12.  Fly around the world in a month
13.  Hitchhike across the United States
14.  Spend a night on an island in the Faroe Islands
15. Watch the New Zealand Rugby Team perform the Haka
16. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
17. Visit All Seven Continents
18. Visit Machu Picchu
19. Float in the Dead Sea
20. Travel the Trans-Siberian Railroad
21. See a Space Shuttle Launch
22. Drink a beer at Oktoberfest
23. See a Solar Eclipse
24. Meet a travel writer who wrote a book you used
25. Travel to Cuba, either legally or illegally
26. Stand on the line between Europe and Asia
27. Visit the Galapagos Islands
28. Visit the Great Wall of China
29. Visit the Great Pyramids
30. Throw a dart at a world map, travel there
31. Bike Across America
32. Buy a bicycle for an underprivileged child
33.  Beg for money for one day, then give all the money to someone that needs it
34.  Pass out $1 to 1000 different people in one day, to influence the lives of 1,000
35. Sell an item close to your heart for charity
36. Make an anonymous donation
37. Donate time/labor/money in a third world country
38. Donate a suit
39. Donate a skill
40. Donate money to the Salvation Army
41. Circumnavigate Manhattan by Kayak
42. Bicycle the length of Norway
43. Go bobsledding
44.  Kick a 50-yard field goal
45.  Climb a peak over 15,000 feet high
46.  Make a basketball shot from the other foul line
47.  Go skydiving
48. See the Olympics
49. Visit Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, and Fenway Park
50. Watch a rugby match in England
51. Participate in a sport with an athlete you look up to
52. Learn how to play cricket
53. Go curling
54. Shoot a bullseye in archery
55. Participate in the Running of the Bulls
56. Golf at St. Andrew’s
57. Watch one of cycling’s classics from a village it goes through
58. Watch the Tour de France, from the race
59. Bicycle one of the mountains in the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, AND Vuelta a Espana
60. Play a round of golf in less than ninety minutes, score does not matter
61. Meet Lance Armstrong
62. Meet Bob Barker
63. Meet Phil Keoghan, have him select a task for me to do in the next year
64. Photograph a Dave Matthews Band concert
65. Sit in The Price is Right audience

66. Sit in the Jeopardy audience
67. Get a picture of a celebrity “kicking” me in the groin
68. Meet Dave Matthews
69. Be a groupie and follow a band on a tour for more than ten stops in a row
70. See a concert of a band that started in the 80s
71. Sell a photograph I’ve taken
72. Watch the Pope Speak
73. Vote for the winning President
74. Pay a toll for the car behind you
75. Thank someone who fought for the country
76. Save a life
77. Ask a stranger for a hug
78. Root for the underdog
79. Bet it all on black
80. Give a 100% tip to a waiter/waitress who is being hassled by another table